Expections & fulfillment!!!

You and I were different but we promised to travel on the path of our lives together. Knowing the journey would be a zigzag one we still decided to go ahead!!

Well.. now the question is how do we know it is worth of everything, what if my expectations and your fulfillment and vice versa doesn’t sync in the future. That is a question almost every couple has to face once in life. So sometimes it’s like you reached somewhere together but then you realise it’s a not going anywhere and then you are left with no option but to take a difficult decision, i.e to turn back to the pavilion or to reach an

uncertain end crossing the confusion.

It just takes a promise, little compromise, a little dose of adjustment and most importantly respect for each other and there..you are all set to take the leap for a brighter tomorrow.

**Dedicated to all the newly weds!!



Rain and you..

Well..i was an ardent believer in love since my younger days. I always wanted to be loved someday by someone special. I wasn’t among the most popular ones in school school,nobody ever tried to impress me but still i had always waited for the perfect one and yess it did happen..yeah..my first love..i fell in love with him, he too loved me like the way i always wanted but like most of the unsuccessfully teenage love we too failed in that. Life was at halt for sometime after the heartbreaking experience. Till then I didn’t know that it was God’s plan to let me go through that darkness in order to enjoy the sunshine later.

Years later when I have moved ahead with a successful relationship with my partner I realised I had learnt a lot about love because of my past situation.

It’s not always about whom you love it’s more about who loves you”

I cherish those rainy nights spent with my first love thinking about our future together but I love these rainy nights with my life partner more as this is reality. I believe rain has an eternal connection with love, discussions on a rainy night, cuddling in a rainy night sometimes makes u realise what you are experiencing at this moment is priceless.

Rain has somehow the magic to make you realise how much the other person is important!

I suggest people should enjoy getting out in the rain sometimes. Enjoy the natural downfall of water, I believe it will make a lot of difference at least for that moment.

Stay loved & blessed!!

Sawarni ❤️

Compromise & Relationships..

I wonder if there is anyone alive who can say that they haven’t compromise at least for once in their life.

Compromise is a part & parcel of life. Be it compromise in what you wanted in life or be it what life is offering you, compromise becomes inevitable. But it is truly said compromise till it doesn’t start to suffocate you.

As my title says here I am going to talk about comprising in a relationship. It takes two people to start a new relationship and they need to adapt to the varied situations that may come up and which may lead to compromise at times.

Mutual compromises

Comprised without any regrets and second thoughts.

She wanted to go to a beach destination for the vacay whereas he wanted to go to some hills. But finally they came to a decision to visit a city instead and they had a happy vacation.

So this can be called mutual compromise where both the individuals are contented at the end.

Happy compromises

One of the partner compromises happily for the other.

She was invited to the party but since he was at a remote place for work and unable to contact. She decided not to attend the party, she happily compromised her evening thinki about him.

So we can see here he never forced her to stay in but it was her decision not to go without him, a compromise at will.

Sad compromise

Regretting compromise

Sometimes just to show an gesture few people compromises on a few things for their partners but later start regretting the decisions and they keep on struggling within themselves whether they will always have to keep on comprising like they are doing it now.

This is a regretting compromise.

Forced compromises

Completely against will

She wanted to work in her previous workplace after marriage too but she had to compromise and shift to the new city due to her nuptial connection.

This is a compromise she was forced into by the situation.

Life is a journey and the stops of the journey are the choices we make. Length of compromises is a choice we can make and pull it until its stretchable not beyond that.



What is rejection, why is it so tough to handle , why some of us always fail to accept it. Here I am going to share two stories that sites about rejection from two different perspectives.

A lady who has been rejected by her husband and he being in an open relationship and the ego of the lady never let her bow down to ask for his come-back. She decided to make the most of her life and never showed any emotional break down. She led a normal life not caring much about the missing male figure in her life. She spread happiness wherever she went despite herself being emotionally troubled. She accepted the rejection in a healthy way.

Now the second incident . They both loved each other deeply but with a twist in destiny they had to break off. The guy went ahead with his life but for her even after 5 years, she is still vulnerable, begging him to come back to her life.

So we can see that handling rejection is not easy ever but the perspective about life matters a lot and with a positive outlook rejection could be well handled.

Here two strong independent ladies sipping in their sorrows are leading a normal but with different perspectives.

Life is short my ladies.. rejection is a part of life which we all have or will have to face in someway someday or the other and you are bold, beautiful, strong, positive..use most of it and keep enjoying what life has to offer ahead!!

♥️ Sawarni..