Compromise & Relationships..

I wonder if there is anyone alive who can say that they haven’t compromise at least for once in their life.

Compromise is a part & parcel of life. Be it compromise in what you wanted in life or be it what life is offering you, compromise becomes inevitable. But it is truly said compromise till it doesn’t start to suffocate you.

As my title says here I am going to talk about comprising in a relationship. It takes two people to start a new relationship and they need to adapt to the varied situations that may come up and which may lead to compromise at times.

Mutual compromises

Comprised without any regrets and second thoughts.

She wanted to go to a beach destination for the vacay whereas he wanted to go to some hills. But finally they came to a decision to visit a city instead and they had a happy vacation.

So this can be called mutual compromise where both the individuals are contented at the end.

Happy compromises

One of the partner compromises happily for the other.

She was invited to the party but since he was at a remote place for work and unable to contact. She decided not to attend the party, she happily compromised her evening thinki about him.

So we can see here he never forced her to stay in but it was her decision not to go without him, a compromise at will.

Sad compromise

Regretting compromise

Sometimes just to show an gesture few people compromises on a few things for their partners but later start regretting the decisions and they keep on struggling within themselves whether they will always have to keep on comprising like they are doing it now.

This is a regretting compromise.

Forced compromises

Completely against will

She wanted to work in her previous workplace after marriage too but she had to compromise and shift to the new city due to her nuptial connection.

This is a compromise she was forced into by the situation.

Life is a journey and the stops of the journey are the choices we make. Length of compromises is a choice we can make and pull it until its stretchable not beyond that.



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