What is rejection, why is it so tough to handle , why some of us always fail to accept it. Here I am going to share two stories that sites about rejection from two different perspectives.

A lady who has been rejected by her husband and he being in an open relationship and the ego of the lady never let her bow down to ask for his come-back. She decided to make the most of her life and never showed any emotional break down. She led a normal life not caring much about the missing male figure in her life. She spread happiness wherever she went despite herself being emotionally troubled. She accepted the rejection in a healthy way.

Now the second incident . They both loved each other deeply but with a twist in destiny they had to break off. The guy went ahead with his life but for her even after 5 years, she is still vulnerable, begging him to come back to her life.

So we can see that handling rejection is not easy ever but the perspective about life matters a lot and with a positive outlook rejection could be well handled.

Here two strong independent ladies sipping in their sorrows are leading a normal but with different perspectives.

Life is short my ladies.. rejection is a part of life which we all have or will have to face in someway someday or the other and you are bold, beautiful, strong, positive..use most of it and keep enjoying what life has to offer ahead!!

♥️ Sawarni..


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