Rain and you..

Well..i was an ardent believer in love since my younger days. I always wanted to be loved someday by someone special. I wasn’t among the most popular ones in school school,nobody ever tried to impress me but still i had always waited for the perfect one and yess it did happen..yeah..my first love..i fell in love with him, he too loved me like the way i always wanted but like most of the unsuccessfully teenage love we too failed in that. Life was at halt for sometime after the heartbreaking experience. Till then I didn’t know that it was God’s plan to let me go through that darkness in order to enjoy the sunshine later.

Years later when I have moved ahead with a successful relationship with my partner I realised I had learnt a lot about love because of my past situation.

It’s not always about whom you love it’s more about who loves you”

I cherish those rainy nights spent with my first love thinking about our future together but I love these rainy nights with my life partner more as this is reality. I believe rain has an eternal connection with love, discussions on a rainy night, cuddling in a rainy night sometimes makes u realise what you are experiencing at this moment is priceless.

Rain has somehow the magic to make you realise how much the other person is important!

I suggest people should enjoy getting out in the rain sometimes. Enjoy the natural downfall of water, I believe it will make a lot of difference at least for that moment.

Stay loved & blessed!!

Sawarni ❤️


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